Revisiting our roots | Kapha

Revisiting our roots | Kapha

Revisiting our roots | Kapha

We’re raising the bar in haircare.


Applying the latest learnings from trichology and botanical science, alongside time-honoured Ayurvedic wisdom, we approach every element of formulation design in the same sincere way… selecting only the highest quality ingredients that will make the biggest difference to your hair.

Here we delve deeper into our Kapha haircare system – formulated especially for oily or thick hair that enjoys harmony and shine – and the hero active behind this exceptional blend.

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Most of you will be familiar with the vivid yellow hue of this potent herb while many of you will have tasted its distinct flavour. We’re also certain a good proportion of you will be familiar with its rising popularity in beauty products… after all, features extolling the skincare virtues of Turmeric abound in most journals today.

One of Turmeric’s Sanskrit terms, ‘Kanchani’, describes it best…
The Golden Goddess.

Turmeric is indeed one of the most powerful, versatile and fascinating natural ingredients, its benefits extending far beyond the world of cuisine. But, while it enjoys a real surge in popularity for skincare, the haircare industry has been somewhat slower to follow. Not so, however, for Chämpo.

But what is it about this golden wonder that first captured our attention and now makes it such a formidable addition to both our Kapha balancing shampoo and conditioner?

Like Haritaki Fruit, Turmeric is native to India and has been used in Ayurvedic medicine for thousands of years. A member of the ginger family, scientists have long studied the phytochemistry of this herb, concluding that its benefits are largely due to curcuminoids, the compounds within Turmeric, which offer remarkable antioxidant and anti-inflammatory qualities. Your scalp is the foundation of your hair and hair thrives when your scalp is healthy. These two qualities therefore keep the skin on your head soothed, revitalised and in balance, creating an optimal environment for healthy hair growth.

After much research and testing, we selected a distilled fraction of Turmeric Oil, which was extracted from the dried root of the Turmeric plant by eco-friendly supercritical carbon dioxide. This particular part of the active offers significant antioxidant activity while also, thankfully, being colourless by nature (so no need to worry about any yellow tints on your hair or scalp!). It’s toning and rebalancing qualities are, however, matchless – just small amounts of the resultant turmerone (a major bioactive compound of Turmeric) are shown to increase tone by 30%.

Kapha hair types are often plagued with excess oil at the roots and coarse, heavy and problematic mid-lengths and ends. Consequently, they crave harmony and shine. Thanks to our optimised concentration of Turmeric Root Extract, along with the notable plant actives and essential oils accompanying it (a bespoke blend of Bergamot, Juniper Berry, Eucalyptus and Frankincense), hair feels rebalanced and revived from root to tip, each strand softer, more lustrous and with a healthy condition restored.

Curious to experience the benefits for yourself? Find out more about our Kapha haircare regime, or discover your hair Dosha here.

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