What’s a Dosha?

Chāmpo what's a Dosha

Much like star signs, they are an expression of you and your hair, helping to identify its character traits so you can tailor haircare to your needs.

Chämpo products are split into three ranges, named after the three Ayurvedic Doshas: Vata, Pitta, and Kapha.

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Chāmpo what's a Dosha


Chāmpo - Naomi has Vata hair

Naomi has Vata hair: medium in texture, it craves hydration, control, and shine; to once again look and feel soft, supple, and full of vitality.

Vata’s element is air, which makes holding onto natural moisture a challenge. Heat styling, central heating, air conditioning, and exposure to sun amplify this, often leaving Vata hair dry, delicate, lackluster, and stubborn to style.

Chāmpo Vata Shampoo and conditioner
Chāmpo's Vata haircare range

Intensely nourish every strand with Chämpo Vata hydrating shampoo and conditioner, reviving smooth, lustrous, and remarkably well-behaved hair.

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Vata hydrating shampoo and conditioner are 98% natural and formulated precisely to transform dry, difficult, or damaged hair that longs for moisture.

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Jolina has Pitta hair: fine and silky in texture, it yearns to be nourished from scalp to tip; to look and feel resilient, in control and full of body.

Pitta’s element is fire, which consumes energy. Urged on by environmental factors such as pollution, poor water quality, and diminished sleep, Pitta hair may begin to feel delicate and depleted.

Chāmpo - Jolina had Pitta hair
Chāmpo Pitta haircare range

Weightlessly condition hair with Chämpo Pitta volumizing shampoo and conditioner, restoring long-lasting strength, volume, and exceptional shine.

Pitta volumizing shampoo and conditioner are 98% natural and formulated precisely for fine or thinning hair that yearns for fullness and body.

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Chāmpo - Lucy has Kapha hair

Lucy has Kapha hair: thick and heavy in texture, it desires harmony; for soft, smooth, and well-behaved hair to be restored.

Kapha’s elements are earth and water, representing imbalance. Humidity, urban pollution, heat styling, and poor nutrition exacerbate this, causing a cavalcade of hair woes; excess oil at the roots with coarse, heavy, and problematic mid-lengths and ends.

Chāmpo Kapha haircare range
Chāmpo's Kapha Shampoo and conditioner

Harmonize hair with Chämpo Kapha balancing shampoo and conditioner, reviving weightless condition, luster, and control once more.

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Kapha balancing shampoo and conditioner are 98% natural and formulated precisely for oily or heavy hair that enjoys harmony and shine.

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