Mane attraction | Why good hair days mean so much

Mane attraction | Why good hair days mean so much

Mane attraction | Why good hair days mean so much

If ill-behaved hair ruins your mood, you aren’t alone. Far from it. American health and wellbeing site, YouBeauty, noted earlier last year how almost a quarter of women surveyed were reluctant to leave the house if they were experiencing a bad hair day. That’s pretty significant.

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But why do we place such emphasis on our hair?

From an early age, females are presented with the message that appearance is important. From a young age, we are regularly complimented on our dress, eyes and hair - fostering in us an inclination to always present ourselves positively. Into adulthood and onto a ‘stage’, our hair often plays an important role in helping us feel confident among our peers at school and express self-belief in the workplace.

Hair frames our faces – it’s one of the first characteristics we notice when meeting a person and it, therefore, becomes one of a person’s most prominent features. For many of us, the control we can have over our hair (compared to many other aspects of our wider selves) is of the upmost reassurance. When our hair looks its best, our confidence surges… proud of the identity it conveys, we find the nerve to speak to someone new, take that risk at work or own the room with an engaging presentation.

This isn’t trivial vanity though. How hair makes us feel goes far deeper. A 2018 Harvard study reported blood pressure levels decreased in their female research panel after experiencing a successful haircut or colour. Good hair helps us feel calmer and more positive and, with this, our day inevitably tends to go better.

Moreso, a head of abundant, lustrous and healthy-looking hair conveys a wider sense of wellbeing. Each hair has a blood supply and is, therefore, affected by any physiological changes… understandable then that we start to feel anxious and concerned when its condition suddenly changes; whether it becomes dry, unruly, coarse or fragile. These feelings are exacerbated further in instances of hair thinning or hair loss.

Whether due to illness, genetics or hormones (to name just a few), the effects of hair thinning or hair loss can be far-reaching. As we mention in this article, Chämpo came into being when our founder experienced hair thinning in her mid-20s – an issue which has since become the haircare industry’s fastest growing concern. Our first formulas, Pitta volumising shampoo and conditioner, and later launch of the groundbreaking Pitta growth serum were built around a personal understanding of this increasing hair ‘trend’ in women today; what it means to them and how the right ingredients make all the difference.

The women partaking in our Pitta formulation testing panel commented how hair thinning or hair loss derailed their self-confidence. They experienced social insecurity and even felt they were losing part of their identity. Stress levels were heightened, self-esteem declined and they searched widely for answers, willing to try anything. For them, finding a solution would be life changing.

We set out to create the best-performing formulas on the market, applying the latest advances in trichology and formulation science as well as finding the right balance of ingredients to deliver both instant and long-lasting results. Those testing our shampoo and conditioner blends reported increased volume, moisture and shine from the first wash, thicker, fuller and less fragile hair within a few weeks. Similar transformational stories emerged from our growth serum panel – volume, fullness, thicker hairlines and faster, stronger hair growth. It was music to our ears.

This same dedication goes into every Chāmpo formula. Whether hair starts to feel dry or damaged, coarse or oily, our precise blends restore condition, shine and manageability.
Take our hair quiz to determine the right care system for your needs and ensure every day is a good hair day.

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