Conquering the industry’s fastest growing concern; hair loss and hair thinning

Conquering the industry’s fastest growing concern; hair loss and hair thinning

Conquering the industry’s fastest growing concern; hair loss and hair thinning

Whether it’s in the shower, on your hairbrush or at the back of your sweater, hair loss is part of our daily lives.

Brand Origins

The average adult has between 100,000 and 150,000 strands of hair, losing on average around 100 per day (though this can increase to up to 250 when you wash your hair).

Hair loss is governed by your hair’s unique lifecycle – three phases spanning growth, rest and shedding influenced by, among other things, age, genetics and health. It will come as no surprise to you that, as we age, the rate at which hair grows slows down. More recently however, rising numbers of young women are reporting that they are experiencing a disproportionate amount of hair loss or noticing a difference in the density and fragility of their hair (hair thinning). Indeed, this age group (25-30) is currently the fastest growing in the hair loss and hair thinning sector.

With so many triggers and the fact that hair loss and hair thinning are particularly individual, it’s hard to pinpoint exact causes. The largest reported culprits however are:

  • Sharp and widespread rise in stress levels
  • Pregnancy and postpartum, diet change or dramatic weight loss
  • Thyroid disorders, anaemia or Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS)
  • Over-styling, be it chemical treatments, dyes, heat stylers, over-frequent brushing or too-tight hairstyles
  • Genetic female pattern baldness

Thankfully, hair will grow back in most cases, as long as the correct action is taken.

The below, were some of the predominant concerns of our testing panel:

“As work became progressively busier, I found myself increasingly stressed. The hours got long, sleep was sporadic, my diet went out of the window and my skin and hair became woeful. I felt incredibly self-conscious – you can hide skin issues well with good quality make-up, but when you hair feels fragile, keeps breaking and patches of your scalp are visible, there are no quick fixes. Nothing I bought made any difference.”

“You shed less hair during pregnancy, so I was expecting some loss once I’d had the baby. It continued for months though and became very concerning. The hair along the front of my hairline especially became very thin, often broke and was wispy– nothing concealed it. My emotions were already heightened… this didn’t help.”

You may be intrigued to hear that Chämpo came into being because our founder started to experience a period of hair thinning. As a young woman, this was quite unexpected yet, it turned out, was something a number of close friends were also experiencing. She reached out to her grandmother, a septuagenarian of Indian origin still blessed with long, thick and lustrous hair, who disclosed the Ayurvedic oils and hair routines she had used since childhood to preserve such exceptional condition. The results were more than impressive and, following a period of meticulous research and testing, the very first Chämpo formulas were established.

Our aim was for all women to enjoy healthy hair well into their 60s and 70s… the first formulas produced were, therefore, Pitta – a shampoo and conditioner blended especially for fine hair that may also be experiencing thinning or hair loss. They were our biggest challenge to date, consuming considerable time and effort, but we were determined that this formula would perform better than any other on the market today. (Not wanting to sound immodest, we truly believe we succeeded in this.) Selecting only the very best, high quality ingredients and ensuring the levels of concentration chosen and balance between the actives were both optimised, our Pitta formulas deliver the immediate and long-term results we set out to achieve.

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We reached out to women experiencing these concerns and the response was overwhelming. Our panel were postpartum, experiencing stress due to wedding planning or work-life imbalances, suffered hormonal and thyroid issues or had relocated and found the water and urban pollution damaging to their hair. Unwilling to continue letting hair loss and hair thinning diminish their self-esteem, confidence and sense of identity, each one of them had turned to the market looking for a solution already. None had found it. Until now.

Our panel reported volume, moisture and shine from the first wash; thicker, fuller and less breakage within a few weeks. The more they used our Pitta volumising system, the better their hair became. Performance was everything to them, the fact these formulas were 98% natural was a plus. Sandalwood and Ylang are known invigorators, used here to help boost blood circulation around the scalp which enhances growth and fullness. The hero though is Haritaki Fruit, an ancient Indian ingredient used for thousands of years due to its strengthening and nourishing qualities. Read more about this remarkable active here.

Perhaps it’s the personal experience of our founder that made formulating our Pitta range such a passion project. Either way, work on this remarkable system continues today and we look forward to sharing new hair loss and hair thinning treatments with you soon. Watch this space.

(Read our article on hair loss and hair thinning for the specifics on each issue.)


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