Pitta growth serum | A bi-active blend of nature and science

Pitta growth serum | A bi-active blend of nature and science

Pitta growth serum | A bi-active blend of nature and science

Pitta growth serum is a true trichological groundbreaker for those experiencing fine and thinning hair or hair loss.


Its pioneering complex offers instant root volume from a feather-light formula; working also at the scalp to stimulate thicker, stronger and healthier hair growth in the long-term.

With Pitta growth serum, hair concerns are not hidden behind artificial thickeners but tackled at the scalp using optimised concentrations of the best botanical extracts, combined using breakthrough trichological science.

Five of the finest actives

Our trichologist and formulations team faced the challenge of finding an optimal balance of ingredients that remained in line with the sustainable, low-waste approach we adopt across our whole business. One that synergistically harnesses nature’s power, includes only eco-friendly actives and has minimal environmental impact. Research, trial and test drew us towards five key actives:

  1. A Creatine Amino Acid, identical to the natural Creatine occurring in hair and skin, renowned for its ability to boost hair’s volume and body while improving the dried-out feeling of distressed hair.

  2. A unique complex of biomimetic Peptide Amino Acids and biochanin a-rich Red Clover Extract, designed to help prevent excess hair loss, stimulate hair growth and soothe the scalp.

  3. A Lipo Amino Acid, applied to help calm a sensitised scalp and protect against flakes and hair loss.

  4. Caffeine – labelled by the International Journal of Dermatology as ‘a stimulator of human hair growth’. It targets the hair loss hormone, DHT, signalling the cell cycle to remain in the resting phase and therefore delay shedding.

  5. Haritaki Fruit, a revered Ayurvedic active and hero ingredient in our Pitta volumising wash and care formulas, long renowned for its strengthening, soothing and nourishing qualities.

Better scalp care, optimal hair health

Thicker, fuller and stronger hair ultimately comes from nurturing an optimal scalp environment. It was vital, therefore, that the ingredients selected for Pitta growth serum worked to promote better scalp health as much as they did hair health.

  1. The Lipo Amino Acid included helps restore the skin’s acid layer, calm signs of scalp irritation, controlling sebum production and fostering an environment that boosts all hair growing from it for the better.

  2. Haritaki Fruit has been scientifically shown as effective in reducing Glycation – ageing heightened by UV damage, hormonal change and oxidative stress. Curtail Glycation and its inflammatory, hair-health-diminishing effects are downsized too.

  3. Massage plays a crucial role in the success of Pitta growth serum and its concentrated complex of actives. Section dry or damp hair and use fingertips to massage just 3-4 drops into the scalp. This action enhances scalp tone and helps stimulate oxygen, nutrient and blood flow – all of which promote strong, full and healthy hair growth.

Explore Pitta growth serum, read customer testimonials and purchase it here.


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