Protein’s importance for hair health

Protein’s importance for hair health

Protein’s importance for hair health

In our humble opinion, protein’s importance for naturally healthy hair cannot be undervalued.


Around 85% of hair is keratin protein. Add to this that hair is said to be the fastest growing tissue in the body, and you realise just how key protecting keratin levels is to helping hair stay in beautiful condition. Let us help you achieve that…

Why is protein so important for hair?

Keratin forms hair’s foundation, providing the strength and elasticity it relies on to thrive and fight off external and internal stressors. A low protein diet, wrong haircare, excess heat styling or processing reduce hair’s access to protein, as our body prioritises it for other parts of our body, such as muscles and organs. The result? Hair damage, breakage, slow growth and shedding.

Worry not. Easy routine adjustments go far in overcoming protein deficiency to revive healthier hair growth, resilience and condition.

Six ways to protect protein levels

  1. Diet
    It’s no secret that what we eat directly influences hair health. Eating a protein-rich diet, therefore, provides essential amino acids (the building blocks for protein) to promote keratin production and help maintain strong, full, healthy growing hair. Reach for lean turkey, salmon or tuna, or for vegans, tofu, legumes and chickpeas.

  2. Supplement
    Applying trichological, nutrition and Ayurvedic expertise, Pitta hair gummies provide key nutritional building blocks to support protein levels and overall hair health. These include ideal levels of Biotin, Vitamin B6 and Folic Acid to promote strength, plus essential minerals selenium, zinc and copper to help protect and enhance hair vitality.

    Eager to know more? Explore inside our super supplement in our Journal.

  3. Care
    The right shampoo and conditioner make the world of difference to helping hair shield from protein loss or recover from damage. We harness amino acid rich actives in our three Dosha systems: King Coconut in Vata hydrating shampoo and conditioner, Haritaki in Pitta volumising and Coconut Oil in Kapha balancing.

    Unsure of your ideal Chāmpo shampoo and conditioner? Take our Hair quiz.

  4. Treat
    If seeking to fix damage, breakage, slow growth or hair loss from deficient protein, or just proactively optimise hair health and strength, you’ll find the solution in a daily dose of Pitta growth serum. Our award-winning, 98% natural complex harnesses Tetrapeptides, Creatine and Lipo Amino Acids, and its benefits are clinically proven.

    Massaging Pitta growth serum into the scalp daily for 12 weeks:
    - 90% saw less hair loss
    - 88% saw visibly thicker, fuller hair
    - Breakage was reduced by 78%

    Find out more about our hair growth icon in our Journal.

  5. Turn down heat, dial up protection
    Excessive use of heat styling from hair dryers, hot brushes and straighteners can break down protein in hair causing it to become weak (and, by now, we all know what that means). Dial down the heat, consider skipping heat styling once or twice a week and, pre-use, always apply heat protection.

    Award-winning Leave-in perfecting cream is ideal before and after heat styling. Silicone free, it packs 10 benefits into 1 game-changing formula - heat protecting, smoothing and locking moisture into hair. Crucially, it contains a pioneering natural bond-builder that helps repair and restore damaged keratin bonds from the inside out. Using Leave-in perfecting cream daily for 2 weeks**:
    - 93%... said hair felt less damaged
    - 93%... said hair looked visibly healthier
    - 86%... said hair felt stronger

  6. Avoid over-processing
    Chemical treatments like colouring, perming or straightening can damage or break the bonds between hair’s keratin structures. Our advice: Extend the break between top-ups (try not to dye hair more than every 8 weeks) and protect bond integrity and strength by applying Leave-in perfecting cream each day.

* Independent User trial studies 2022. Results based on a 100 person and separate 30 person study, applying once daily over 12 weeks.
** Independent User Trial Study 2023. Results based on 100 people applying daily over 4 weeks.


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