Macadamia Seed Oil | Nature’s moisture miracle

Macadamia Seed Oil | Nature’s moisture miracle

Macadamia Seed Oil | Nature’s moisture miracle

Our exacting approach to development has never wavered from the moment we embarked on crafting our first Chämpo formulas…


Applying expertise from leading trichologists and Ayurvedic practitioners, we research, test and select only the finest and most effective botanicals, choosing them precisely for their unmatched abilities to transform hair.

Longer-term Chämpo converts, or those who regularly peruse our Journal, will be well acquainted with the hero actives that power our blends. Here, however, we venture beyond our primary Vata heroes – Amla Fruit and King Coconut – to explore Macadamia Seed Oil; a secondary, though no less essential, element in Vata hydrating shampoo.

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Macadamia Seed Oil. As one of nature’s most versatile oils, the benefits of this light amber-hued oil have long been lauded the world over; whether enjoyed in cuisine, skincare or haircare.

Native to Hawaii, there’s a lot more to this modest nut than meets the eye, which is exactly why we chose it especially for our Vata blend. Containing the highest concentration of essential fatty acids than any other nut oil, plus also abundant in antioxidants, vitamins and minerals, Ayurvedic practitioners have recommended and used Macadamia Nuts for centuries in diets and massages to pacify Vata.

Indeed, Vata types are undeniably the biggest benefactors of Macadamia’s myriad of condition enhancing qualities. This Dosha’s dominance by air makes holding onto natural moisture most challenging. Add to this increasing exposure to pollution (among other environmental elements) so prevalent in our modern lives, and it’s no surprise hair soon becomes dry, damaged and difficult to style.

Another particular benefit for Vata types is Macadamia’s antioxidant attributes. Natural curls, a typical Vata feature, are especially vulnerable to environmental damage, becoming parched, easily tangled and impossible to tame. Macadamia helps protect both the hair and scalp from such oxidative stress, preventing further moisture loss.

Conventionally, many haircare brands incorporate silicones into their formulas to overcome this legion of dry hair dilemmas. Inexpensive and effective in small volumes, they instantly smooth and add shine. However, these effects are artificial, temporarily masking issues without resolving real hair health concerns. What’s more, silicones build up, can block pores and eventually weigh hair down – hence why we choose not to use them in our formulas.

Macadamia Seed Oil also instantly smooths and adds shine. Importantly however, despite its potent composition, it is remarkably light and non-greasy – two highly favourable factors for our Vata hydrating shampoo formula. More visible hair woes, such as frizz, dullness and rough hair texture, are instantly overcome while Macadamia’s rich fatty acids and nutrients (including calcium, iron, magnesium and potassium) get to work deeper down.

The result? Follicles are nourished and protected, the scalp is soothed, natural protein is enhanced and moisture and strength are boosted (which in turn limits breakage and hair loss). Tangles are freed, curl definition returns and shine enhanced… all without weighing hair down. What’s more, with continued use, hair is smoother, stronger, shinier and healthier for longer.

We think you’ll agree, this really is one extraordinary oil.

Uncover more out more about our Vata hydrating care system, or discover your hair Dosha.

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