Seven ways to summer-proof your hair

Seven ways to summer-proof your hair

Seven ways to summer-proof your hair

Oh, the heady days of summer! With our wintery layers now long forgotten, we look forward to cloudless blue skies, golden rays shimmering through the abundant verdant hues that line our streets and parks, the heartening scent of suncream and the promise of long, lazy days at the beach.

Hair Masterclass

Yes, summer is our favourite season… but it does come with its own haircare tribulations.

Just as the sun can harm unprotected skin, the same is true for your hair. Chlorine, sand and saltwater also take their toll, not to mention changeable levels of humidity. What were once smooth, manageable and glossy strands are now dry, lacklustre and hopelessly mutinous.

Fear not; our trichologist is here with just seven simple yet so effective summer haircare tips to protect hair’s condition on holiday and at home, ensuring well-behaved, visibly healthy condition all season long.

  1. Prepare and protect

    Whether your hair is coloured or not, strong UV rays will cause it undue stress, drying out each strand and leaving them looking parched, faded or brassy.

    Help shield your hair and scalp from sun-induced moisture loss by smoothing a little Leave-in perfecting cream over mid-lengths and ends. Formulated to work whether hair is damp or dry, this clinically proven complex locks in nourishment and strength while boosting heat protection.

  2. Drench before (and after) you dip

    Chlorine can strip your hair of its natural protective oils, while the high salt content of seawater can leave strands dehydrated. Avoid hair absorbing chemicals and help protect it from becoming parched by first soaking strands with cool, fresh, clean water. Next, apply Leave-in perfecting cream to add a layer or conditioning protection.

    Post-swim, be sure to rinse away chemical or saltwater residue with fresh, clean water as soon as possible.

  3. Maximise moisture

    Maybe you’re finding yourself washing your hair more frequently to overcome the build-up of sweat, sand or suncream. Or perhaps the drying heat of warmer climates is having an effect on your hair’s normally good condition. Either way, consider stepping up your shampoo and conditioner to a more moisturising formula this season. The concentrated blend of King Coconut, Amla Fruit and Macadamia Seed Oil in our Vata hydrating care system packs a remarkably effective punch from first use; gently yet effectively cleansing away chemicals or build-up while transforming dry, difficult or damaged strands into intensely nourished, smooth and lustrous hair.

    For those of you venturing outdoors a lot more than usual, a weekly conditioning mask will restore any lost moisture or lustre you’re encountering. Simply leave your usual Chämpo conditioner on hair for 20 minutes or overnight, then rinse and style as normal.

  4. Fend off frizz

    Healthy, freshly trimmed hair is your first and best defence against flyaway strands. Not helped at all by the changeable levels of humidity we experience throughout this season however, keep your hair smooth, resilient and conditioned by opting for haircare formulas rich in antioxidants. Our Vata blends are enriched with Amla Fruit, Pitta with Haritaki Fruit and Kapha with Turmeric Root; all potent antioxidants that help protect against environmental stressors. Keep one of our Discovery sizes in your handbag or beach bag and you’ll be perfectly prepared for every eventuality.

  5. Take a break from blow-drying

    The high heat of your hair dryer or heat styler will further compromise already dry, dehydrated or damaged hair. Give your hair one or two rest days per week and you’ll soon see the rewards in its shine and condition. In fact, the summer months are the ideal time to go heatless altogether, with tousled waves being our favourite seasonal look. Make sure they stay smooth, tame and glossy with our styling saviour for all hair types, Leave-in perfecting cream.

  6. Stay hydrated, inside and out

    Conditioning and caring for your hair also comes from within… so make sure you stay well hydrated all day, every day by drinking around two or three litres of water.

  7. Finish with a trim

    Hair tends to grow faster in the summer months, so refresh your style with a seasonal trim and you’ll also eliminate any lingering dry, split ends while promoting healthy hair growth.

Stay travel savvy

Ideal for your cabin bag, reach for your favourite Chämpo care system in our delectable Discovery pack size. Formulated with the same highly concentrated blend of actives, our little ones will comfortably last at least a fortnight, ensuring you continue enjoying exceptional condition, shine and control wherever your travels take you.


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