Passion, purity and performance beyond compare

Passion, purity and performance beyond compare

Passion, purity and performance beyond compare

It’s mentioned on our website, voiced by Chāmpo converts and declared on the leaflet that arrives with your order… when it comes to our formulas, a little really does go a long way.

Hair Masterclass

We took great pride in crafting our three ranges, each purposefully created with high concentrations of some of nature’s most formidable and multifunctional actives.

The result is that you experience a true hair transformation, realising the condition, manageability and shine you crave with only a fraction of the formula. And here’s how.

The ingredients in our formulas have never simply been ‘products’; they are the result of a highly considered interdisciplinary approach – one that encompasses contemporary trichology, the highest quality natural actives and time-honoured Ayurvedic wisdom. Our drive to create these formulas came from the emergence of a new generation of haircare customer; from modern-day hair tribulations brought on by demanding lifestyles, unforgiving urban environments and detrimental chemical treatments.

Quite simply, existing haircare products weren’t meeting the needs of many women – including our founder's.

So, along with a trichologist, an Ayurvedic doctor and a team of formulation scientists – all based here in the UK – she set about scrutinising the field. It came as a surprise to learn how many products are composed predominantly of water and fillers (ingredients such as thickeners or synthetic colouring) – all of which mean you need to use more product, the formulas take longer to work and they merely mask the issues you’re encountering. We weren’t going to follow suit.

From the very first blend, Chāmpo formulas were highly concentrated. We include four or five different natural cleansing agents in each complex – certainly not the industry standard – as well as distilled fractions of specially chosen premium actives, along with essential oils and absolutes at an entirely safe yet highly effective 1% concentration. Not only this, we also selected ingredients known to synergistically work together, resulting in both a natural preservation system and optimised results for each Dosha’s needs. As for fillers, there are none. Nothing sub-par will ever go into our formulas – their colours, fragrances and viscosities are entirely as nature intended.

The result? You really don’t need nearly as much product as you have been used to using in the past… and we created our bottles and pumps to gently remind you of this.

Our shampoo bottles have a very small opening, meaning it’s quite challenging to dispense a lot of formula. For short to medium-length hair, something around the size of a raspberry or 10p piece is all you need. The pump on our conditioner bottles works similarly, with around six pumps administering enough for moderate length hair. If in doubt, start small and add more. Too much and it’s a waste of good product. Chāmpo formulas are made to last. Use them correctly and you’ll find those same bottles linger longer in your shower.

We’re proud to defy industry convention. Our haircare complexes are of the highest quality, they work harder, quicker – bringing you unsurpassed results, superior value and beautiful hair for life.

Experience the power of our formulas for yourself… discover your hair Dosha and enjoy your own hair transformation.

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