Our Trichologist’s Curly Girl Method masterclass

Our Trichologist’s Curly Girl Method masterclass

Our Trichologist’s Curly Girl Method masterclass

Wavy, curly or coily? We know your struggle and are here to help you regain control, condition and confidence.

Hair Masterclass

As well as being the formulator behind our award-winning blends, our Trichologist also has decades of expertise with all types of curls.

Whether new to embracing natural waves or wishing to optimise care and styling, these tips and techniques show how Chāmpo is the perfect cleanse-to-styling partner for your Curly Girl Method routine. Prepare to wave goodbye to frizz, unruliness and fragility, and welcome in bouncier, better-defined and beautifully glossy curls.

So, what is the Curly Girl Method?

The Curly Girl Method routine is designed to give your hair type the extra TLC it needs to thrive. Pointing out the best product ingredients to use and what to avoid, it aims to halt damage, elevate nourishment and nurture your healthiest curls.

98-100% natural, free from sulphates and silicones, plus with a range that’s trichologically formulated for curls, our haircare system empowers your CGM routine even more.

5 steps to master the Curly Girl Method with Chāmpo

  1. Sulphate-free shampooing, every time
    Curls are prone to dryness, as their shape makes it harder for natural oils to move through hair. The CGM, therefore, recommends you avoid synthetic cleansers that may strip away these oils. Vata hydrating shampoo uses only plant-based cleansers, effectively cleaning without stripping.

    Trichologist tip: Dirt and grease build up most at the roots, so spend time here working shampoo in with fingertips (rather than nails), then release through hair’s length and rinse. You could also swap fingertips for our Shampoo brush. Its soft, flexible bristles deeply cleanse, leaving hair super-fresh while stimulating scalp circulation for even more strength and shine.

  2. Silicone-heavy formulas are a hard no
    In the CGM, moisturising is key due to curls’ tendency towards dryness, frizz and damage. Silicones are added to many conditioner formulas, yet some aren’t water soluble and build up on curls, making them heavy, flat and dull.

    Vata hydrating conditioner is silicone free, combining natural moisturisers like King Coconut, Glycerin, Creatine, Amla and Macadamia Seed. Plus, because our blends are concentrated, it doesn’t take much to achieve softness, hydration and suppleness.

    Trichologist tip: Detangling coils while you shower is far easier and kinder. Smooth on Vata hydrating conditioner then carefully tease out knots with fingers to help prevent breakage.

  3. Damage-free drying
    Post-shower, gently pat curls dry to avoid roughing up hair’s cuticle and causing frizz or damage. The Curly Girl Method recommends wrapping curls in a cotton t-shirt or microfibre towel, though we know many of you use a diffuser - just be sure to set a low heat and always apply a silicone-free heat protector, like Leave-in perfecting cream, to damp strands.

  4. Replenish and repair, as you style
    Whether you air-dry or diffuse, there’s no better styling partner than Leave-in perfecting cream. 99% natural, silicone-free, light and suitable for damp or dry hair, our all-purpose styling hero instantly de-frizzes, adds texture, boosts nourishment and protects from heat. What’s more, it contains our unique Acti-power™ Complex, proven to help strengthen hair and restore internal keratin bonds - crucial for fragile coils and kinks.

    Trichologist tip: Smooth 2-4 pumps over palms and scrunch from your ends upwards to create smooth definition and activate shine.

  5. Seal in shine and moisture
    Once hair is dry and on non-washing days, revive curls’ radiance and condition with Weightless hair oil. 100% natural and, of course, silicone-free, just a few drops swiftly corrects frizz and split ends while enhancing hair’s glossy condition, all without greasiness, heaviness or build up.

Alcohol & the CGM

CGM fans will know alcohol is another ingredient to avoid. However, it’s actually the majority of short-chained alcohol curly types should bypass. We use Benzyl Alcohol in Vata hydrating conditioner (at <0.01% concentration). Its chemical structure is very different to other short chain alcohols, making it entirely safe and non-drying when used on your curls.

We also use Cetearyl Alcohol in Vata hydrating shampoo and conditioner (at <0.01% concentration). This long-chain alcohol is derived from Coconut Oil fat which benefits curls, boosting hydrating, softness and smoothness while aiding slip for detangling.

Looking for more Trichologist’s tips for curls? Read our Hair care top ten tips | Coils & curls.

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