Our Trichologist’s fine hair holiday hacks

Our Trichologist’s fine hair holiday hacks

Our Trichologist’s fine hair holiday hacks

Beach breaks, city stays, escapes to the slopes or country retreats - we love stays away in every season. Yet those with fine or thinning hair know all too well how keeping strands in prime condition both in-transit and after arrival can be more than taxing.

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Worry not, prepare hair for your next sojourn with this advice from our Trichologist - the nine essential ways to keep fine, thinning hair hydrated and healthy away from home.

#1 Trim before you travel

Dead ends can weigh hair down before you depart. No need for a dramatic chop, of course, simply enjoy a fresh, healthy trim to make maintenance when away from home so much easier.

#2 Overcome air-con depletion

The effects of aeroplane air-conditioning can worsen the fragile, flyaway nature of your fine or thinning strands. Strengthen and rebuild damaged internal hair bonds while reviving a weightlessly smooth, shiny finish, fast, with award-winning Leave-in perfecting cream - formulated to be suitable for even fine hair.

#3 Keep hair conditioned

While you may worry that conditioner will weigh down your fine, thinning hair, leaving it open to dehydration from sun, wind, air-con, chlorine or saltwater will have a far more damaging effect. Pitta volumising conditioner is trichologically formulated for your hair type, delivering balanced, weightless nourishment that strengthens, volumises and protects. What’s more, it’s available in a handy 50ml travel size as part of our Pitta volumising discovery pack - perfect for popping into your cabin bag.

#4 Build strength

Keeping fine hair protected from the effects of travel is easier said than done. However, you can secure strength with daily doses of Pitta growth serum, our super-charged scalp and hair booster. Containing Ayurvedic Haritaki - the ’mother of herbs’ - among other key actives, this rich source of antioxidants, minerals, vitamins and amino acids is the route to resilience, happy and healthy hair.

#5 Stay sun safe

Overexposure to the sun can diminish hair’s elasticity by breaking down keratin protein. Wear a wide-brimmed hat or silk headscarf and smooth a little Leave-in perfecting cream over mid-lengths and ends to enhance heat protection, lock-in moisture and prevent frizz.

#6 Accessorise wisely

Eliminate the risk of damage-inducing friction by packing a silk pillowcase and a set of our silk hair scrunchies for use while away. The smooth, gentle and anti-static texture makes them ideal for fine hair care, day and night.

#7 Avoid over-washing

Though fine or thinning hair can feel unclean quicker than other hair types, it really only needs washing when dirty. On a non-wash day, opt for a loose, tousled hair style - this avoids the risk of snagging or pulling, plus gives hair a much-needed heat styling break.

#8 Soak hair pre-swimming

There’s no denying the drying effects of chlorine, so be prepared by first soaking hair in clean water then smoothing on a layer on Leave-in perfecting cream.

#9 Tender de-tangling

Apres-ski, scuba or surf, fine hair simply can’t escape tangles. Take Pitta volumising conditioner and our wide-tooth, super-smooth Conditioner comb into the shower. Apply a little to the ends, then comb from the ends up through the mid-lengths gently to avoid breakage while teasing out knots.


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