Hair care top ten tips | Coils & curls

Hair care top ten tips | Coils & curls

Hair care top ten tips | Coils & curls

The beauty of a head of bouncy, defined and shiny curls is a thing to behold.

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Yet curly types know all too well they demand much more than a little extra TLC to keep them in top condition. Each curve makes it harder for natural oils to move from root to tip, leaving hair in jeopardy of becoming dry, damaged and dull.

Here’s where our Trichologist can help. With decades of experience working with all types of curls, from Caucasian kinks to Black coils, these are his ten golden rules of curly hair care - the tricks and tips to ensure your spirals remain their supple, strong and well-behaved best. Prepare to wear your curls with pride!

  1. Don’t skip shampoo… just the sulphates
    ‘Wash and go’ simply doesn’t exist for you; it’s a real performance. Add on the fact coils are more susceptible to the stripping effects of synthetic cleansers and the temptation to skip or stall shampooing is real.

    However, a build-up of dirt, sebum or styling products can harm curls and prohibit hair growth. Instead, switch to a sulphate-free hair wash - our Vata hydrating shampoo is ideal. Formulated for waves and curls, its plant-based cleansers gently yet effectively clean (and never strip), while the inclusion of King Coconut locks-in moisture and shine.

  2. Make time for massage
    Whether pre-shower or while shampooing, treat your scalp to a 5-10 minute massage. This not only focuses cleansing at the roots where it’s needed most, but also stimulates blood circulation to the follicles, delivering oxygen and nutrients to boost healthy growth, strength and shine.

  3. Conditioning is key
    The oval shape of follicles and zig-zag nature of each length mean curly hair is more prone to dryness, frizz and fragility. Moisturising must, therefore, be forefront to your haircare routine.

    Choose Vata hydrating conditioner. Silicone-free, it won’t sit on spirals, preventing moisture penetration, or build-up and create lacklustre, heavy coils. Instead, the King Coconut, Glycerin, Creatine plus Amla and Macadamia Seed Oils deeply hydrate, soften, lock-in moisture, build body and add weightless gloss. Hello strong, supple, lustrous, visibly healthier curls!

  4. Tender de-tangling
    Damage-prone types must take care when brushing wet hair, as the hair’s bonds can break… this applies even more to those with fragile Black coils. If hair does tangle, tease them out with our wide-tooth Conditioner comb or fingers before you rinse away conditioner. Start at the ends and gently move up mid-lengths until you’re knot-free.

  5. Gently does it
    Once out of shower, gently pat hair dry (a rough rub risks weakening, breakage and frizz). If you use a diffuser, set a low temp - high heat upsets the dry and delicate nature of curls even more.

  6. Banish breakage and hair loss
    Whether caused by tight styles or ongoing fragility, curly types often find lots of tiny, wispy, broken hairs or bare patches along the hairline (known as traction alopecia). Treat them to a daily dose of Pitta growth serum, our advanced scalp complex. It contains Haritaki Fruit for its soothing, nourishing and strengthening qualities, a Lipo Amino Acid to protect from hair loss, plus Peptide Amino Acids, Red Clover Extract and Caffeine to stimulate healthier growth.

  7. Condition as you style
    As mentioned, curls crave moisture and our versatile Vata hydrating conditioner can be used while you style. The rich plant oils penetrate hair, hydrating, strengthening and smoothing while helping protect from the drying effects of heat styling. Apply a little each day or couple of days.

  8. The perfect finish
    Once hair is dry, work through Weightless hair oil (trust us, curls really love it!). Our feather-light finishing styler tames frizz, seals split ends, nourishes and revives radiance. Plus, because it’s silicone-free and 100% natural - packed Amla, Turmeric, Macadamia Seed and Abyssinian - it won’t leave roots greasy or hair heavy and flat.

  9. Nourish, inside and out
    Did we mention curls need moisture?! While our formulas fix this on the outside, enhance hydration from the inside with a diet rich in healthy fats like nuts, avocado, yoghurt and cheese.

  10. The power of protein
    Protein gives hair its elasticity and your curls their shape and strength. A simple strand test will indicate if your curls need a protein boost - limited stretch, or stretching a little before breaking, suggest hair lacks protein. Restore a better balance and maintain supple, shiny, strong curls by eating chicken, fish, lentils, chickpeas and fresh vegetables.


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