Hair loss and hair thinning… two sides of the same coin?

Hair loss and hair thinning… two sides of the same coin?

Hair loss and hair thinning… two sides of the same coin?

Hair loss and hair thinning is increasing in prevalence, more so than ever in young women. While another one of our articles discusses this growing trend in more detail, this piece defines and summarises each concern.

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While they may seem like two sides of the same coin, there are important differences between them, which must be understood in order to choose the correct path of action, swiftly alleviate symptoms and even reverse them.

Hair loss.

A reduction in the number of hairs attached to your scalp. On average, we lose around 100 strands a day… up to 250 when washing hair. If the hairs on your brush are generally the same length as your hair and still feature the ‘root’, then these were naturally shed as part of your hair’s lifecycle.

If, however, a disproportionate amount of hair comes out when you run your fingers through it, then this could be a sign of hair loss – the impact of one or more factors that have curtailed the growth stage in your hair’s lifecycle.

Genetics are behind the majority of hair loss cases. Though typically assumed to be something experienced by men, findings show around 50% of women also experience pattern baldness… we’ve just kept quiet about it. Hormones also play their role, with many women reporting sudden and significant hair loss for up to six months after having a baby. Urban pollution, stress, fatigue and sudden changes in diet – factors we’re more than familiar with – also affect hair loss, though most can thankfully be reversed.

Hair thinning.

Strands become visibly thinner, hair density and volume reduces, and hair becomes prone to breakage. While hair loss may be sudden and prolonged, hair thinning is usually gradual, occurring naturally as we age and our hair follicles become weaker, smaller and fewer in number.

While this aspect of hair thinning is inevitable, thinning due to external environmental factors, such as pollution, hair colouring and even using incorrect products, is increasing – something we’re especially keen to inhibit.

The solution.

Whether it’s hair loss or hair thinning, the key is not to ignore symptoms. Taking care as you brush, dry and style your hair prevents further damage to weakened strands (read our other tips here). Diet also plays its role; a topic we discuss here. Instant, long-lasting and very easily implementable improvements will, however, come from a precisely formulated shampoo and conditioner and, we believe, our Pitta volumising haircare system represents the most effective regime for restoring healthy hair growth, as well as boosting strength, resilience, thickness and quality.

It goes without saying that Pitta’s creation proved the most complex to get right out of the three Chämpo haircare systems. Together with our Trichologist, it was the first formula we looked at and we spent considerably more time on it, working tirelessly to secure the right balance of natural actives while wholly embracing everything modern trichology and formulation science have to offer. The results speak for themselves.

Every one of the participants in our Pitta formulation trials – all experiencing hair loss or hair thinning for a variety of reasons – reported improvements, with performance far outstripping that of other targeted formulas available today. Since launch, subsequent customers for our Pitta range have advised equally efficacious results. From the first wash, hair felt gently cleansed and weightlessly conditioned; volume, shine and moisture returned. Within one month, participants reported that breakage reduced, hair loss had started to lessen and healthygrowth was restored.

Find out more about our Pitta volumising haircare regime.

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