Hair care top ten tips | Pitta

Hair care top ten tips | Pitta

Hair care top ten tips | Pitta

To an ‘outsider’, fine hair may seem straightforward – its soft, silken strands requiring little blow drying and an effortless low bun or pony to look impeccable.

Hair Masterclass

Unfortunately, those with Pitta hair Doshas know fine hair frustrations all too well. It needs a lot of maintenance and yet, despite our best efforts, we’re back to limp, lifeless and flyaway hair by mid-morning.

What’s more, we have to contend with the fact that fine hair is much more prone to thinning and hair loss. Thankfully, our trichologist is on hand with his ten best tips for helping enhance strength, volume, manageability and shine.


  1. Volumise… from the inside out
    Before you step into the shower, treat your scalp to a five or ten minute massage. This will stimulate blood circulation to the follicles, ensuring swift delivery of oxygen and nutrients, which in turn boosts healthy growth and fullness.

  2. Get off to the best start
    Choosing the right formulas for your hair Dosha makes all the difference. Our Pitta volumising shampoo uses naturally derived cleansers, including coconut oil to cool, calm and purify your scalp and hair – especially important for this fiery Dosha type – while haritaki fruit extract enhances strength and condition.

  3. No need to over-cleanse
    Concerned that not washing every day will mean any dirt and oil weighs hair down further? Worry not. Over-cleansing might even make the problem worse by stripping hair of its natural oils – we recommend washing hair three times per week.

  4. Gently does it
    While you may fear that conditioning your hair will make it even more lifeless, the right formula really won’t weigh it down. After all, this energy-sapping Dosha type needs nourishment to prevent it becoming depleted. Pitta volumising conditioner blends Haritaki Fruit Extract, Macadamia Seed Oil and Potato Starch to nourish, strengthen and thicken while enhancing shine – all without weighing hair down. Apply a small amount to the ends of your hair and then gently scrunch it in, working upwards until the mid-lengths.


  5. Don’t do’s for wet hair
    Once out of shower, gently pat hair dry (anything harder risks damaging already fragile strands). Also avoid brushing hair when wet as it can break the hair’s bonds. If you need to detangle, use a wide tooth comb in the shower... when your hair still has conditioner on it, comb gently from the ends freeing any knots and working gradually up through the mid-lengths of your hair.

  6. Boost your blow dry
    Rough-dry hair upside down, using your fingertips to lift the roots and add volume (you could even use a diffuser). Keep drying speed on a medium setting too – anything faster could make hair more limp and flyaway.

    Once hair is 90% dry, then gently smooth mid-lengths and ends using a round bristle brush until hair is completely dry.

  7. Steer clear of styling products
    The promises made by volumising mousses can be tempting, however even a little too much will weigh down your hair further. We’d recommend avoiding styling products and instead getting your choice of shampoo and conditioner just right.

  8. Refreshing rinse
    Towards the end of your shower, make your final rinse a cool one. While ensuring all conditioner is removed, it also seals the hair follicles and gives your scalp an extra boost.

  9. Stay in trim
    Trimming away thinner or damaged strands every six weeks will prevent hair looking and feeling weighed down. Avoid layering too – these can make hair appear finer and exacerbate any fly-aways. Instead opt for a chic blunt cut.


  10. With fire ruling this Dosha type, it’s imperative for Pittas to try and keep their cool, metaphorically and literally. Staying well hydrated, lunching on leafy greens and snacking on melon and pear will naturally cool both mind and body.

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