Hair care top ten tips | Kapha

Hair care top ten tips | Kapha

Hair care top ten tips | Kapha

Long, strong, lustrous and soft, Kapha hair types generally beat the other two Doshas hands down!

Hair Masterclass

...Should your hair stop behaving so well, however – be it down to over-indulgence or the rather less enjoyable overload of pollution and poor weather – our hair expert is thankfully on hand with his advice to eliminate excess oiliness and restore heavy, coarse and unruly strands back to their natural, balanced best.


  1. Avoid over-cleansing
    Yes, your hair may need a little more frequent cleansing than the other hair Doshas, but every two or three days is quite enough (anything more can have an adverse effect, stripping hair’s natural oils and causing sebaceous glands to overcompensate with more oil).
  2. A little shampoo goes a long way
    Our Kapha balancing shampoo is highly concentrated, meaning a 50p-size amount is more than enough for effective cleansing (less if your hair is shorter).

  3. Make sure you moisturise
    With an oily scalp, the temptation might be to avoid conditioner altogether. However, the coarser and less manageable mid-lengths and ends of your hair need nourishment. Choosing the right formulas for this hair Dosha will restore the harmony you desire… once the gentle, natural cleansers in our Kapha balancing shampoo has purified and toned the hair and scalp, apply Kapha balancing conditioner to mid-lengths and ends, carefully combing the formula through hair to coat every strand.

    The result? Oil production is balanced, volume maintained and hair weightlessly smoothed and conditioned.

  4. Rinse. And rinse again.
    The morning shower tends to be a rush, but it’s important you remove all product from your hair. Even better, make this final rinse a cool one. It will help close the hair follicles and pores on your scalp, while soothing the sebaceous glands.


  5. Hands off
    Find yourself constantly running your fingers through your hair? Not only does this transfer the natural oils (as well as any dirt) from your fingers to your hair, but it can also over stimulate sebum production.

  6. Best brushing
    Avoid excessive brushing… while you may think it removes any oily build-up from your roots, it may disturb the sebaceous glands and cause them to go into overdrive. Keep it gentle and only when required.

  7. Keep it clean
    Your brush plays host to old hair, styling products and dust – all of which will be transferred onto your hair when you brush. Ensure you keep it clean each day.

  8. Minimise straightening
    The closer your hair lies to your head, the more oil it comes into contact with. Therefore, avoid too much straightening, especially from the roots.

  9. Subtle style
    Once hair receives the right hydration and care it needs, unruly strands really do become a thing of the past. Customers using our Kapha balancing system tell us they’ve abandoned all styling products… what more could you wish for? (Plus, we all know that styling products add to the build up on your hair and simply don’t do you any favours in the long run.)


  10. Over-indulging on dairy and oil-rich foods can really exacerbate this issue for Kapha hair Doshas. Up your fruit and vegetable consumption and you’ll be rewarded with a harmonious head.

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