A trichological groundbreaker | Introducing Pitta growth serum

A trichological groundbreaker | Introducing Pitta growth serum

A trichological groundbreaker | Introducing Pitta growth serum

For over three years, we’ve pursued a modern, natural and high performance solution that proffers thicker, fuller and stronger hair. One that precisely targets experiences of hair thinning and hair loss, delivers instantly visible improvements in root volume while stimulating long-term improvements in hair’s resilience, body and health.

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Proudly introducing Pitta growth serum. Learn here how this new bi-active hair and scalp treatment serum is a true trichological groundbreaker and how every hair type stands to benefit from its trailblazing formula.

The solution to stronger, healthier hair

Activating long-term hair and scalp health was our founding focus for Pitta growth serum. Our efforts concentrated in particular on solutions for fine or thinning hair and hair loss, while ever mindful that the benefits should be available to all hair types. Our ingredients were therefore planned with precision.

We harness cutting-edge anti-hair loss actives technology to tone, condition and energise the scalp, plus a pioneering complex of biomimetic peptide amino acids, lipo amino acids and biochanin a-rich Red Clover Extract, designed to calm the scalp and prevent hair loss. Alongside these, Caffeine targets the hair loss hormone, DHT, helping delay shedding and stimulate growth, while Ayurvedic Haritaki Fruit is added, due to its renowned soothing, strengthening and nourishing properties.

From as little as four weeks, testers reported resounding improvements to hair’s thickness, fullness and faster, stronger growth.

“It’s really lightweight and my hair already looks thicker around the front of my hairline’
Roshni, Pitta growth serum tester after four weeks of use

“‘I had really bad hair loss post pregnancy and this has helped reduce the amount which has fallen out since. It has also helped my baby hair grow a lot quicker than it would normally, and really helped strengthen it back up. Compared to other mothers in my antenatal group, my hair loss has been noticeably and considerably less.”
Lauren, Pitta growth serum tester after eight weeks of use

Abiding hair health is our ultimate goal, yet the impact of instant lift and visible volume on self-confidence is not to be underestimated. Pitta growth serum includes Creatine Amino Acid for this very pursuit, due to its ability to amplify root fullness and body from the very first application. Just 3-4 drops of this concentrated serum is all it takes – simply massage into the whole scalp or areas of concern with your fingertips.


“It works really well to create volume and fullness. I love it, it makes me feel more confident!”
Ana, Pitta growth serum tester

Upon opening the bottle, you’ll instantly note Pitta growth serum’s fortifying, spa-like aroma. Crafted by a Clinical Aromatherapist, this bespoke blend combines Geranium, Himalayan Jatamansi, Neroli and Petitgrain essential oils at an effective one percent concentration to optimise your experience of their strength and resilience-boosting benefits.

Promoting a prime scalp environment on which healthy hair can grow is an endeavor, of course, for all hair types, not only the Pitta hair Dosha. With Pitta growth serum, Vata hair Dosha types enjoy improvements in nourishment and condition to dry or dehydrated scalps, while Kapha hair Dosha types benefit greatly from its scalp toning and re-balancing qualities. Add it to your hair routine today and reactivate suppleness, condition and radiance.

Find out more about how to apply Pitta growth serum and purchase it here.


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