Gluconolactone  | A most proficient active

Gluconolactone | A most proficient active

Gluconolactone  | A most proficient active

Having an accomplished Trichologist and team of formulations scientists in our development armoury has undoubtedly proven beneficial when it comes to our formulas. Their combined experience ensures we seek out only the highest quality natural ingredients that bestow the best results on your hair.


When it comes to ingredients, our Journal routinely shines a spotlight on the hero actives behind each blend. Here, we tip our proverbial hat to an active that enriches all our shampoos (plus our Pitta volumising conditioner). And, while it may not play a principal role in the formulas, its contribution is most certainly that of a valued supporting star.

Gluconolactone. Despite the likelihood that you’ve never heard of this active, be assured that this doesn’t diminish its contribution. Gluconolactone is a poly-hydroxy acid, or PHA, and is derived from Sugar Beet. Admittedly also, beets don’t often appear on the radar when it comes to beauty and haircare. Yet there are several high-calibre qualities Gluconolactone embodies that make this under-the-radar ingredient worth knowing about.

One such attribute is Gluconolactone’s natural ability to preserve formulas. While convention and cost pressures lead so many brands to using parabens, by inactivating the metallic ions that can contaminate formulations and reduce their effectiveness, we can confidently turn our back on parabens and rely instead on a natural preservative system.

Linked to this chelating benefit is Gluconolactone’s equally important antioxidant quality. Indeed, the Dermatologic Surgery Journal featured a 2004 study on this active, reporting that its ability to bind to damaging free radicals caused by exposure to sun and pollution consequently neutralised their effects. The result? UV protection for the hair and scalp is boosted by up to 50%.

In addition to these less visible qualities, there are a few more noticeable characteristics that make Gluconolactone such an advantageous active. When added to formulas like ours that contain both oil and water, this active helps prevent separation and stabilise the blend – most influential in your overall Chämpo experience.

Finally, though by no means of least importance, Gluconolactone is a humectant – attracting water and therefore helping hydrate, soothe and soften the hair and scalp. What’s more, it also helps form a barrier on skin, preventing moisture already present in the tissue from evaporating. And, while you may resolve such replenishing and calming benefits are more suited to a conditioner, their influence is relatively light and therefore a better match for our Pitta conditioner, as well as our three shampoo blends – ensuring hair feels effectively cleansed but never stripped of natural moisture.

In conclusion, by both working as an active to enhance the benefits to your hair and scalp, and as an additive to enhance the quality and consistency of our formulas, we’re certain you’ll agree Gluconolactone is a most deserving and dignified addition to our remarkable blends.

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