Formidable fragrance

Formidable fragrance

Formidable fragrance

Though our core focus during initial formulation development was naturally on the actives and concentrations that would ensure our formulas work as hard as possible, our research and decision-making around the fragrance blends we created was no less important.


Complementary to the work our chosen botanicals were already doing for your hair, our final three fragrance blends are, of course, critical to your overall Chämpo experience, elevating your encounter when using our shampoos and conditioners.

Our endeavours here most certainly haven’t gone unnoticed.

We took immense pride in crafting these three bespoke blends, spending considerable time on their design and balance to ensure they bestow particularly pertinent benefits for each specific hair Dosha.

Created in partnership with a Clinical Aromatherapist, each complex, high quality and synergistic blend uses a series of essential oils that ancient Ayurveda has deemed most effective for each Dosha’s needs. These blends are then included at a one percent concentration, thus ensuring their safety while also being sufficiently high to heighten your haircare experience.


Blending no less than eight essential oils (including Jasmine Absolute, Australian Sandalwood and Patchouli), Vata’s aroma is subtle and elegant, designed to calm, warm and heighten your mood.


Fresh and sweet, yet with a mature and sophisticated undertone, our combination of Geranium, Himalayan Jatamansi, Neroli and Petitgrain was purposely selected to cool, calm and ground Pitta’s fiery spirits.


Unquestionably revitalising and with a warm woody undertone, our choice of Bergamot, Juniper Berry, Eucalyptus and Frankincense for Kapha helps inspire harmony, energy and vitality.

We’ve been overwhelmed by your response to our fragrance blends and feel privileged that so many of you have shared these feelings with others in person, on social media and via our website. Such feedback drives us immeasurably to continue elevating your haircare experience. Thank you.

Beyond such highly enjoyable scents, do be sure to also explore the specific aromatherapy benefits of each of our Vata, Pitta and Kapha blends in our dedicated Journal articles.

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