The solves-all hair saviour | Leave-in perfecting cream

The solves-all hair saviour | Leave-in perfecting cream

The solves-all hair saviour | Leave-in perfecting cream

Our mission is to empower women with a haircare system that steps up on a bad hair day and empowers on a good day. One that simplifies and streamlines your routine, sets new standards in natural haircare performance and never, ever comes at the cost of sustainability. New Leave-in perfecting cream meets every part of this mission.

Hair Masterclass

Simply put, it’s the ultimate, all-purpose styling cream.

A single, time-saving hair saviour for every hair type. One product doing the job of many, instantly stepping up to your every styling need while building bonds ‘behind the scenes’ to restore stronger, more manageable hair. Intrigued to know how it works and how to use it for your best hair routine results? Read on…

Tame, gloss, define, protect - anytime, anywhere

We love reading stories of the results you’ve achieved with our haircare system. For years, you’ve asked us to complete it with a styling cream that follows the same natural principles. Of course, we weren’t going to create just any standard styling product… it had to be so much more than that!

“Leave-in perfecting cream has been a real labour of love. We spent 12 months creating the groundbreaking technology behind it - our Acti-power™ Complex - and the results are incredible. It’s fun to use, instantly smooths, adds shine and noticeably improves hair’s condition. I’m so excited for you to try this, it’s already a Chāmpo team favourite!”
Kuldeep, Chāmpo founder

10-in-1 uses:
Bond-builder | Leave-in conditioner | Styling cream | Texturiser | Detangler |
Definer | Primer | Protector | Frizz fighter | Gloss

Leave-in perfecting cream is a time-saving styling wonder. +99% natural and trichologically designed for all hair types, textures, lengths and colours, no exceptions. One product with 10 very useful benefits - all thanks to the synergistic system of actives we use.

Our Acti-power™ Complex

A hair industry breakthrough, Acti-power™ harnesses a Gluco-derivative and natural silicone alternatives Amla, Castor and Olive. Together they strengthen and restore internal keratin bonds and smooth the outer cuticle. The result: Glossy, healthier-looking hair that’s full of body.
(Explore Acti-power™ in more detail in our dedicated Journal article)

Best supporting botanicals

We include Ayurvedic powerhouse Haritaki Fruit for its nourishing and strengthening benefits, helping boost hair’s body, fullness and vitality. Abyssinica and Jojoba extracts complement this, helping improve hair’s elasticity, brightness, moisture and protection.

How to use Leave-in perfecting cream

Leave-in perfecting cream works on both damp and dry hair. For optimal results, use it alongside Chāmpo shampoo, conditioner and Pitta growth serum. As with all our concentrated formulas, less is more - you’ll find 2-4 pumps more than enough for your every need.

  1. Prep for heat styling or air-drying Prime and protect hair from moisture loss, make styling easier and enhance finished smoothness by working through from mid-lengths to ends.

  2. Add texture to straight styles or define curls, coils or waves In-between shampooing or whenever your style needs a refresh, use fingertips to work through mid-lengths and ends.

  3. Gloss, defrizz and detangle Anywhere, anytime, smooth over palms and apply where desired.

  4. Leave-in conditioner and bond-builder Enjoy this as an overnight mask or simply let it work its magic while it’s also performing as your styling cream!

100% recommended

First use to longer-term benefits, 100% of our tester panel agreed Leave-in perfecting cream delivered game-changing results to their hair’s look and feel. Here’s just some of the feedback…

“After one use I fell in love. You notice a big difference in shine and smoothness.”
Claire, Leave-in perfecting cream tester

“Styling creams usually weigh down my fine hair but this is amazing! It makes my hair so glossy and soft!”
Bea, Leave-in perfecting cream tester

“It met all my expectations, making my hair easy to style, leaving it fuller, soft and silky with no sticky residue, and it kept the style without dropping.”
Rosalynd, Leave-in perfecting cream tester

Read more five-star customer reviews and purchase Leave-in perfecting cream here.


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