The hair-boosting benefits of our Shampoo brush

The hair-boosting benefits of our Shampoo brush

The hair-boosting benefits of our Shampoo brush

While we often concentrate our hair health pursuits on preserving the condition, body and shine of our strands, scalp care is really where true hair health starts.

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Many of you have heard how scalp brushing enhances the effects of a hair routine – indeed this accessory has been your most-requested tool from us. And, after much research, considered design, trial and testing, we are thrilled to unveil the Chāmpo Shampoo brush… an essential hair tool so many of us should be – yet aren’t – taking advantage of.

So, what exactly is a Shampoo brush and are its benefits truly better than the time-tested means of massaging in shampoo with our fingers? In our opinion, yes. Here, we explain why.

Superior shampooing / The new (and better) way to Chāmpo

  1. Easy application
    With its broad, soft bristles and comfortable, easy-grip handle, the Chāmpo Shampoo brush makes application of your shampoo simple and swift. Ideal for all hair types, long, short, curly, straight, thick or fine, it deftly distributes our concentrated cleanser through roots for a thorough and even clean.

  2. Delivering a deeper cleanse
    The flexible, tapered design of our brush bristles provide gentle yet effective scalp exfoliation; ensuring more superior removal of dirt, dead skin cells or product build-up without the risk of tangling or breaking strands.

    Also, as excess oil, dirt, skin or product build-up can block the hair follicles and induce sensitivity, irritation or even dandruff, swift removal with our brush makes for fewer flakes and a cleaner scalp environment in which healthy hair has a better chance of growing.

  3. Scalp stimulation
    Gentle stimulation of the scalp, such as that provided when you use your Shampoo brush, will boost the circulation of oxygen, blood and nutrients to this area, all of which are key to encouraging healthier hair growth.

  4. Massage benefits
    In our Journal article on The renowned art of chāmpo, we discuss the very many virtues of scalp massage and its remarkable effect on both hair and scalp health, as well as stress, sleep and immunity. Massage has always played a vital role in Indian culture and is pivotal in Ayurveda; enhancing this experience further by using our Shampoo brush either with your shampoo on wet hair or alongside a scalp oil on dry hair, will only reap more rewards in terms of both enjoyment and benefits borne from this experience.

How to use the Chāmpo Shampoo brush

The simplest way to use our Shampoo brush is when you wash your hair:

  1. Prior to your shower, ensure hair is free of knots by gently working a wide-tooth comb, such as the Chāmpo Conditioner comb, through hair.
  2. Once in the shower, soak hair thoroughly. Apply your usual amount of Chāmpo shampoo to hair and work a little into the scalp.
  3. Take your Shampoo Brush and gently massage the formula into your scalp in small, circular movements for a few minutes.
  4. Rinse hair thoroughly. For those who perhaps find shampoo lingers on the scalp, use your Shampoo brush to carefully make sure it’s all rinsed away.

Expert advice for using the Chāmpo Shampoo brush

#1 Gentle action is key when using a Shampoo brush. Light brushing and a little pressure are all you require for this accessory to perform most effectively.

#2 When it comes to how often you should use your Shampoo brush, experience suggests once a week will suffice for most... though it really does come down to your own hair routine. Those regularly applying dry shampoo or styling sprays may find they wash hair more often; requiring a Shampoo brush to clear stubborn build-up and blocked follicles.

#3 Those experiencing hair loss, scalp psoriasis or scalp sensitivity may wish to first discuss using a Shampoo brush with their trichologist.

Explore and purchase the limited-edition Chāmpo Shampoo brush here.

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