More than moisture | The multifarious ways our conditioners work

More than moisture | The multifarious ways our conditioners work

More than moisture | The multifarious ways our conditioners work

Shampoo undoubtedly plays a most admirable role in clearing daily dirt, oil and styling product build-up. When it comes to keeping hair smooth and strong, however, our trichologist explains it’s your choice of conditioner that makes a noteworthy difference.

Hair Masterclass

From the ancient Indian principles and practices that inspired our beginnings and choice of actives to the contemporary trichology that informs our formulation development and amplifies their effects, Chämpo conditioners pack a remarkable punch.

Featuring concentrated blends of the finest botanical actives, their benefits extend far beyond a mere rinse-off cream.

Here, our trichologist advocates four further ways our conditioners can be used as leave-in treatments. And, while you may have concerns about heavy build-up caused by leaving everyday conditioners in hair, rest assured our far-from-ordinary formulas wouldn’t ever incur such anguish.

  1. The heat styling protector
    Free from silicones, fillers and emulsifiers, we chose particular high quality plant extracts and oils such as Coconut, Macadamia Seed, Haritaki and Amla for their deeply hydrating, protecting, strengthening and smoothing qualities. But the benefits of these brilliant – and remarkably lightweight – botanicals needn’t end when you step out of the shower…

    When hair is wet, sweep a little conditioner over your palms then smooth over mid-lengths and ends before blow-drying. This helps lock moisture into hair and protect each strand from the drying effects of heat.

  2. The overnight mask
    Whether induced by sizzling summer heat, a sharp winter chill, city smog or systematic over-styling, when hair starts becoming coarse, lacklustre and stubborn to style, help restore condition, resilience and manageability with a weekly conditioning treat.

    After cleansing and towel-drying hair, carefully comb Chämpo conditioner through mid-lengths and ends (healthy new hair at your roots doesn’t need such nourishment). Leave on for 20 minutes or overnight for the plant and fruit proteins, fatty acids and essential oils to infuse nourishment back into hair and smooth damaged hair cuticles.

  3. The sun and swim shield
    Sun, saltwater and swimming pools may be considerations during only a few months of the year, but that doesn’t mean keeping hair protected from their dehydrating and damaging effects should be forgotten (and those of us who enjoy a daily dip should certainly take note).

    Gently combing a little Chämpo conditioner through strands prior to exposure helps protect against natural hair oils being stripped away by chlorine, salty seawater leaving strands parched or the undue stress and drying effects of sun exposure.

  4. The smoothing defender
    As we explain in our article on hair conditioning know-how, hair – and particularly long hair – varies in condition and texture from root to tip. Therefore applying additional conditioner to dry ends is entirely logical. Those of you who regularly browse our Journal will be familiar with the analogies our trichologist often uses… here, he likens long hair to a fine antique wooden table. The drier the wood, the more wax polish is required to give shine and protection.

    Now, back to hair…

    Chemical treatments, heat-styling, environmental exposure, chlorine, scarves, hats, brushing… when you consider all hair endures on an almost daily basis, the dryness, damage and rough, split ends (all signs of lost moisture) should be no surprise. Regular trims are, of course, a must but, in-between appointments, leave-in conditioners are possibly the easiest way to shield hair from such aggressors. However many conventional formulas incorporate synthetic ingredients, which merely mask the problem without resolving the real issues. Chämpo is different.

    98% naturally derived, the lightweight texture of our conditioners mean a little can be used on ends to smooth flyaways, eliminate frizz, conceal split ends and provide a nourishing boost. The added benefits? Softness, vitality and a healthy sheen return and hair is more manageable to style. What’s more, the antioxidant qualities of ingredients such as Amla, Haritaki and Turmeric in our Vata, Pitta and Kapha conditioners help protect hair from environmental stressors and breakage while enhancing resilience and condition.

A closing note...

In summary, we’ve expressed before that every hair Dosha benefits from using conditioner and our trichologist expressly advises against skipping this step. Instead, the right formula, amount and technique – in and out of the shower – will boost strength, revive moisture and protect from damage; once more restoring the lustrous, beautifully conditioned and well-behaved strands you yearn for.

Unsure of your hair Dosha or which conditioner may be right for you? Take our Hair Quiz and we will advise your Chämpo care system match.

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