Hands up who’s guilty? | Trichologist tips you simply can’t ignore

Hands up who’s guilty? | Trichologist tips you simply can’t ignore

Hands up who’s guilty? | Trichologist tips you simply can’t ignore

Eight common hair errors (and how to stop them)

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As home, work and social commitments build (and time for ourselves becomes evermore fleeting), it’s not so surprising perhaps that our healthy hair habits are often the first that slip.

Here, therefore, are eight common errors our trichologist says we’re most guilty of making… and his recommendations on how to avoid them.

  1. Treating your hair and scalp differently to your complexion

    Morning and evening, countless women cleanse, tone, treat and moisturise their face – purifying and priming their skin, ever conscious of the pollution, environmental elements and artificial heating or cooling their complexion will be (or has been) exposed to. Naturally, your hair goes wherever you do and – also being made of natural fibres – is therefore equally as vulnerable as your skin to these factors.

    Our trichologist’s advice? Start the day gently cleansing and conditioning your hair with the right formula for your Dosha. If your hair is longer, be sure to give it some extra care and attention, as those mid-lengths and ends have been wrestling with the elements for quite some time. In proffering the right care and keeping hair protected, you can be assured that shine, condition and resilience will abound.

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  2. Woeful treatment of wet hair
    Post-shower or bath, the first thing so many of us do is comb or brush our wet hair. When wet, our hair is, in fact, at its weakest and combing or brushing it (no doubt in a rush) leaves it at a heightened risk of breakage. Eliminate this risk by either carefully combing your dry hair prior to stepping into the shower or combing hair in the shower when it still has conditioner on it. In both instances, use a wide tooth comb like our Conditioner comb – its smooth, tapered teeth ensure a snag-free action when teasing out knots and distributing conditioner. Afterwards, pat hair carefully, rather than rub it, to avoid roughing up strands and hair follicles.

  3. Not choosing the right brush
    Every hair has its own lifecycle of growth, rest and shedding. In this way, hair cells are unlike skin cells – they do not regenerate. Once a hair cuticle is gone, it is gone – yet it is these same cuticles that govern the strength and resilience of each strand.

    Protect your hair from daily breakage or premature thinning and loss by choosing a natural bristle brush. Work slowly and gently through dry hair. If you have any tangles, first start at the bottom, gently easing each of them out. Once hair is clear, then work from the scalp to the tips, distributing your hair’s natural oils to further boost hair’s condition.

  4. Limiting elasticity
    Hair should stretch up to a third of its length when wet before breaking, though wear-and tear from over-brushing, heat styling and environmental exposure often means this isn’t the reality.

    To help restore elasticity, once or twice a week apply your preferred Chämpo conditioner to damp hair and leave on for 20 minutes (or overnight if you can). Afterwards, simply wash and condition your hair as normal.

  5. Cutting your diet short
    There’s no denying that maintaining a healthy balanced diet when you’re busy can be a challenge, the temptation to reach for quick and easy processed foods increasing as the week goes on. These are often high in sugar and unhealthy fats though which, despite your best haircare efforts in other areas, might be what tips the balance as to whether your hair looks, feels and behaves as you wish it to.

    The nutrients we consume feed the systems of our body, with our hair getting what’s left. Skip meals, eat too little or don’t eat the right foods and there’ll be nothing left to feed your hair. Hair is primarily made of protein so whether you eat meat or are vegetarian/vegan, ensure you consume plenty of protein, as well as vitamins, minerals and iron. Eggs for breakfast, tuna, chicken or tofu salad for lunch, red meat (or soy protein), broccoli and rice or lentils for dinner. (And enjoy fresh fruit in-between). All quick. All easy. All great for your hair.

  6. Over-colouring
    It’s true that colour can add depth and warmth to your natural shade, and highlights may also help fine or thinning hair appear thicker. However, excessive colouring or processing hair puts a little too much pressure on already over-stretched strands – in fact, bleach removes colour from hair via oxidisation, which impacts the protein that hair is made from… something which cannot be reversed or repaired.

    Avoid any damage outweighing the benefits by not dyeing hair more frequently than every eight weeks and enjoying an intensive conditioning treat (as mentioned in point 4 above).

  7. Scrimping on sleep
    Never underestimate the value of a good night’s sleep. We all know that sleep isn’t just about re-energising our bodies – while we sleep, the systems of our body go into repair mode, helping strengthen and rejuvenate bones, muscles, skin and, yes, hair (via the hair follicle). Scrimp on sleep and your body doesn’t have the time to perform these functions. What’s more, lack of sleep exacerbates any stress we already feel, and there are more than a few studies out there linking stress levels to hair loss and thinning hair. Get sleep off to the best start by avoiding caffeine, sugar and alcohol from mid-afternoon onwards and hitting the sack at a reasonable hour each evening.

  8. Ignoring the signs
    A sensitive or flaky scalp isn’t pleasant to experience or talk about, yet for some people, it can cause the onset of hair loss – while scratching a sensitive scalp may damage tissue and cause hair breakage. Avoid excess oil, dirt and product build-up from blocking hair follicles and inducing irritation or dandruff by massaging in your Chāmpo shampoo with our Shampoo brush. This gentle yet effective action delivers a deeper clean, resulting in fewer flakes, a cleaner scalp environment and boosted scalp circulation, which all promote healthy hair growth.

In conclusion, we’re afraid there isn’t one quick fix. The secret to strong, resilient and visibly healthy hair lies in a balanced and holistic approach – the everyday improvements you can make to your diet, daily hair care and lifestyle.

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