Hair cut, wash & blow-dry frequency | Our Trichologist’s how-to

Hair cut, wash & blow-dry frequency | Our Trichologist’s how-to

Hair cut, wash & blow-dry frequency | Our Trichologist’s how-to

How many days to leave between shampooing? How frequently should I trim or heat-style hair?

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Our Trichologist reveals the key routine intel you need to know to keep your hair in its healthiest ever condition.

  1. “How often should I cut my hair?”

    Keeping hair trim ensures split ends, breakage or damage don’t worsen; requiring you to take off even more length. There are no hard and fast time scale rules, though, for appointments - it differs depending on style, length and hair type.

    Defined styles (bobs, shaping, etc) | Hold on to precision-cut style while still keeping split or damaged ends in check with a trim every 8 weeks.

    Mid-length, normal condition | It’s possible you can go for 12 weeks, as long as letting hair grow for longer won’t mean you lose its style.

    Long/very long | Longer hair means older hair, which can feel fragile and appear thinner. Check hair each month and keep ends healthy with an 8-10 weekly trim.

    Fine & damage-prone | Like long hair, check monthly for split ends and breakage. If you spot it, book a trim. 6-8 weeks is ideal, though we know life is busy (just don’t leave it too long).

    Curly, coiled & textured | We appreciate that protecting hair’s length is a goal for you. As long as damage isn’t apparent, you can go for up to 12 weeks between trims.

    Did you know? Split ends signal dehydrated strands. Trimming hair as you spot them stops splits moving up the hair shaft; keeping hair looking and feeling healthier for longer. You can limit split ends by strengthening hair’s structure with our bond-building and rehydrating Leave-in perfecting cream.

  2. “How long should I leave between hair-washing?”

    Like cutting, there’s no one ideal shampoo timescale - it boils down to hair type and scalp sebum levels.

    Our easy rule of thumb: Wash hair when it feels dirty, no more often than that. Contemplating dry shampoo? Wash! Yes, hair needs natural scalp oils to stay hydrated. Equally, clogged follicles bring irritation and flakes, which hinder hair’s healthy condition and growth.

    Fine or thinning | Wash every 2-3 days to prevent hair getting heavy, flat and looking thinner.

    Heavy, thick or oily | As sebum and dirt seem to build quicker on your scalp, you too prefer a more frequent wash. Try to shampoo no more often than 2-3 days.Dry, damaged | A less frequent wash is fine for you, plus will help you hold on to nourished condition for longer. Wash every 3-4 days.

    Coiled, curly & Afro | Once a week is ideal for your hair.

    Did you know? Improving your hair-washing technique makes great strides in guaranteeing hair and scalp health. Discover the right way to wash with our Hair washing dos and don’ts.

  3. “How many times a week can I blow-dry or heat-style my hair?"

    Heat quickly saps hair of moisture. If your hair is:
    - colour or chemically treated
    - already fragile or damaged
    - on the drier side
    …excessive heat-styling will leave you needing intense conditioners, masks and styling creams to help keep moisture in. Instead, follow Ayurveda’s approach of prevention over cure.

    Limit blow-drying to 2-3 times a week (and hot irons or tongs to just 1-2 times). A good quality, silicone-free heat protector (like award-winning Leave-in perfecting cream) is a must, as is selecting a lower heat setting on your hairdryer and heat styler. Do this and you’ll very soon see hair’s natural, healthy condition and shine improve.

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