Curly hair hacks

Curly hair hacks

Curly hair hacks

Loose, looped, kinky and scattered… we’re talking curls. By their very nature they’re unpredictable (at best) and, while their volume, bounce and shine are the envy of all you meet, they can – quite literally – be painful to manage.

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Despite this unruliness however, well-maintained curls look undeniably sublime. Here are the simple, yet so effective ways to care for your curls and truly make this hair type your best asset.

  1. Cleansing curls… how much is too much?

    With curly hair, there is no one cleansing rule – different curls need to be treated differently. Whether you have Caucasian curls or Black curls, whether you live in or travel to a city each day or not, you’ll have your own cleansing preference.

    What is essential for curly hair, however, is your choice of shampoo. As curly hair has more surface area, it tends to be drier and require more nourishing protection. Our trichologist often uses the analogy that hair is like fine cashmere… you wouldn’t wash it with harsh cleansers, or be overly vigorous in your cleansing.

    Enter our Vata hydrating care system. With a shampoo distinctly formulated with gentle natural cleansers, including King Coconut and Amla Fruit, impurities are effectively cleared while moisture is drawn-in and locked weightlessly into hair. Hello noticeably smoother, more manageable strands from first use!

    (It’s worth making a small note here about permed hair. If you choose to chemically curl your otherwise fine or straight hair, you may wish to use a different shampoo and conditioner. As your natural hair grows back, opt to cleanse hair with Pitta volumising shampoo while sticking to Vata hydrating conditioner for your mid-lengths and ends.)

    In summary, look at your lifestyle, tune in to your hair’s particular needs and, importantly, meet them with the right formulas.

  2. Moisture marvel

    The most important thing you can do for your curls is to keep them hydrated and healthy. As we said earlier, curly hair takes up more surface area (straighten out a curl and look how long it extends) and therefore tends to be drier.

    While the temptation may be to load it up with conditioner, with Vata hydrating conditioner, there’s simply no need. The concentrations of our formulas are so high that a little really does go a long way. Start small, working conditioner into the ends and mid-lengths of your hair only, and you can always add a little more if you feel the need.

  3. Detangling debacle

    As we’ve already said, curly hair needs a lot of protection and can be very vulnerable to breakage. The gentlest way to detangle curls is to do it in the shower with a wide-tooth comb while you still have conditioner on your hair. Start at the ends of your hair and gradually work upwards, carefully easing out knots.

  4. The shine shot

    If you can bear it, make your final hair rinse a cold one – doing so tightens the hair cuticles, helps lock in moisture and makes a big difference to how smooth and shiny your curls look.

  5. Gently does it

    As with every hair type, aim to avoid vigorously towel drying your hair – a little rubbing it acceptable, though we’d recommend instead squeezing excess water out of your curls then gently patting hair with your towel.

  6. Au natural vs a little heat

    If you prefer to leave your curls to air-dry, avoid stepping outside while they are still wet – especially if it’s a particularly cold day, as wet hair is more prone to breakage in such weather. Either while your hair dries, or once it is air dry, moisturise dry ends, tame strands and smoothly define your curls by working a little Vata hydrating conditioner through your hair.

    If you prefer to style your hair with heat, again apply a small amount of Vata hydrating conditioner to mid-lengths and ends for extra heat protection, then choose a low heat and gentle speed setting before drying hair with a diffuser – this attachment better distributes the heat and helps reduce frizz.

  7. Keep in trim

    Maintain fresh, healthy curls that are full of bounce by getting a trim every six to eight weeks. Split ends can be more evidential in curly hair and will only add to your battle with frizz, so a regular trim will keep these in check.

  8. Opt for a delicate ‘do'

    As this hair type can be most misbehaving, the temptation is always to pull it up or back into a bun or pony. While this is fine, do take care. Curly hair is more prone to breakage and, each time a new curl grows, hair becomes more fragile – even more so for those with Black hair. Treat it delicately and avoid pulling hair tightly, instead opting for a loose bun or low pony.

  9. Treat your hair to a little bedtime bliss

    While it may seem a little extravagant, switching from cotton to a satin or silk pillowcase will make a big difference to the manageability and appearance of your curls. Silk or satin provides a gentle, almost friction-free surface for your hair to slide over, preventing the formation of tangles and mattes.

  10. Hydrate inside and out

    As we said all the way back in tip 2, the most important thing you can do for your curls is to keep them hydrated. But don’t forget, conditioning your curls also comes from within… be sure to stay hydrated, drink plenty of water throughout the day and you’ll be blessed with beautifully bouncy and soft, smooth curls.

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