Crowning glory | Weather-proof your hair for winter

Crowning glory | Weather-proof your hair for winter

Crowning glory | Weather-proof your hair for winter

Crisp, cloudless mornings, the scintillating arrangements left by Jack Frost on our train or car windows, and enveloping every inch of our bodies in our favourite sweaters, coats, boots and hats… winter proffers just as much magic as the other three seasons.

Hair Masterclass

Correspondingly, it brings its own challenges: the constant back and forth between wilder weather and central heating leaves hair unyielding in its behaviour and looking far from its best.

Thankfully, with some seasonally specific advice, your hair’s condition, appearance and health can remain the last of your woes.

  1. Dial down the temperature

    As tempting as it is, avoid starting the day with a too-hot shower. Not only can this strip natural moisture, but it also encourages over-production of oil and sweat on the scalp, which can leave hair flat and lifeless.

    Similarly, high heat on your hairdryer will further compromise already dry or damaged hair. Keep this moderate and you’ll soon see a visible difference to hair’s shine, condition and vitality.

  2. Promote protection

    Winter’s chill can exacerbate issues for all hair types… this season, maintaining a watchful eye on your hair’s changing condition – and choosing the right formulas for its needs – is what will make all the difference. Chämpo’s three haircare systems blend highly concentrated levels of actives selected purposefully for your hair Dosha, including naturally derived surfactants, as well as botanicals renowned for their balancing, protecting and hydrating qualities. Ensuring your hair is getting the gentle, effective care, moisture and protection it needs will ensure you sail through this season in soft, smooth and lustrous style.

  3. Make time for massage

    Whether before your shower or while you wash, massaging your scalp daily for 10 minutes has a remarkable effect on hair; stimulating blood flow to the follicles which in turn boosts hair’s health, growth and thickness. Admittedly, 10 minutes can feel like too big an ask... though the winter months are when you’ll benefit most, so try to find the time.

  4. Condition every strand

    Ensure nourishment reaches the areas of your hair that really need it. Focussing solely on the mid-lengths and ends (as your roots represent new, healthy hair), comb your Chämpo conditioner through hair. This will help smooth any damaged hair cuticles, while the plant and fruit proteins, fatty acids and essential oils in the formulas will help hair both attract and retain moisture, prolonging natural shine and suppleness all through winter.

  5. Enjoy a weekly treat

    Restore lost moisture and shine with a weekly conditioning treat. Leave your usual Chämpo conditioner on hair for 20 minutes or even overnight.

    In between treats, smooth a small amount of Vata hydrating or Kapha balancing conditioner over the ends of your hair. This area in particular often gets roughed up by coats, scarves, and sweaters, and will benefit from the extra nourishment as well as conceal any split ends.

  6. Avoid air-drying outside

    Though you may think avoiding a hairdryer will benefit your hair, stepping outside with damp hair in winter can be especially damaging; freezing the hair at the cuticle and causing it to break.

  7. Cover up

    Exposure to rain, snow and cold causes real stress for hair. Minimise this with a hat… though do take care with your choice of material. Wool hats, though wonderfully warm, absorb moisture from your hair while also increasing friction – both of which can damage the hair cuticle, leading to thin, fragile and lacklustre hair. Opt for a cashmere hat, or one with a satin or silk lining. Both will be much more merciful to your hair.

  8. Feed your hair
    Enjoying foods that are rich in high quality proteins, iron, selenium and Omega 3s will help keep your hair looking fuller and healthier, as well as boost your overall wellbeing this winter. Opt for a balance of chicken, fish and red meat, as well as a variety of fresh fruits, vegetables and nuts.

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