Bond-building | Our trichologist explains

Bond-building | Our trichologist explains

Bond-building | Our trichologist explains

Leave-in perfecting cream promises not only to instantly smooth, shine and volumise hair, but also help rebuild inner keratin bonds. But what exactly is bond-building, why do we need it and how are natural, silicone-free bond-builders so much better for hair health? Here, we reveal all.

Hair Masterclass

Hair is made of keratin structures held together by millions of bonds that define hair type, strength and elasticity. Looking after these bonds is important, though how we treat damage to them is key to how successfully we restore healthy hair.

What is bond-building

Our hair fibres contain three types of bonds:


  1. Disulphide
  2. Ionic
  3. Hydrogen

…And these bonds can be damaged or broken by factors such as:

  • Heat-styling
  • Colour or chemical treatments
  • Exposure to UV, humidity, pollution and cold
  • Using incorrect products for your hair type (creating ph imbalance)
  • Ageing

Bond-building happens when hair is repaired from the inside out. By realigning and rebuilding damaged bonds, structural strength is restored along with supple, smooth, healthy hair.

Traditional bond-builders

The hair industry has long been formulating hair-strengthening solutions, though products have primarily worked only on hair’s surface with limited penetration. The ingredients inside them were also often silicone-based. Hair may have looked smoother and shinier, but the benefits were superficial and temporary. Silicones built up, compromising hair further. More product was needed to mask damage… and so began an endless weakening cycle. (Silicones are also, of course, environmentally unfriendly; hard to remove during wastewater treatment and, therefore, polluting to our seas.)

We’re pioneering a new approach

The only long-term fix to a compromised hair structure is to repair and restore from the inside. Very few formulations can claim to do this. Leave-in perfecting cream is one of them. The technology we use is new and its bond-building results are more effective than ever.

We also firmly believe clean, natural ingredients are better than synthetic ones. A silicone-based bond-builder, therefore, was never an option. We sought a solution that stepped up with only authentic hair benefits, empowering you to restore hair that looks and feels like new. Finding natural ingredients that delivered such high performance took much more work, but it was worth it.

A patented, new-to-the-world, natural bond-builder

It’s listed on our product ingredients as Hydroxypropylammonium Gluconate and Hydroxypropylgluconomide. What it is, is a pioneering natural bond-builder derived from glucose-based chemistry.

How it works | The molecule’s chemical structure and dimensions are specifically designed to enable deep penetration into the hair fibre. This optimises multi-bond interactions both within each keratin structure (by creating new ionic and hydrogen bonds) and across the structures.

The result | Hair fibre strength is restored back to levels of virgin hair, reviving smoothness, manageability and shine.

The proof | Studies on caucasian, Asian and Afro hair, untreated and colour treated, showed our gluco-derivative strengthened hair by up to 3X. Breakage and damage were also tested after multiple hair washes, proving these benefits lasted long-term for all hair types and textures.

A high performing bond-builder that steps up to rescue damaged hair; an empowering styling cream that smooths, glosses and volumises from first use; clean, natural ingredients that give you complete confidence in your hair routine. We hope you agree, Leave-in perfecting cream really is one of a kind.

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