Trichology | Its impact and importance on our formulas

Trichology | Its impact and importance on our formulas

Trichology | Its impact and importance on our formulas

We often reference how our formulas embody the latest advances in modern trichology, influencing how we precisely construct each blend to ensure they meet the very specific needs of today’s discerning haircare consumer.


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Some of you may, however, wonder what trichology is exactly and why we place such precedence on it.

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Trichology is the scientific study of the function and structure of the human hair and scalp. It is a branch of dermatology specialising in ensuring the ongoing health of your hair and scalp through a profound understanding of the differences between each hair type and the specific concerns each one experiences. Trichology takes a holistic approach to treatment, considering how lifestyle, diet and wider wellbeing – alongside the right haircare formulas – can address the cavalcade of hair concerns faced by women today; from poor condition, sensitised or oily scalps, and dry hair to more acute issues, such as hair thinning, breakage and hair loss.

Chämpo formulas are forged on a comprehensive understanding of trichology’s latest techniques and methods. We painstakingly research and select ingredients, delicately balancing the blends in line with the particular needs of each hair Dosha, testing, refining and re-testing to ensure we get it just right. Yes, the process is protracted, arduous and costly, but we believe it’s more than worth it for the results our customers experience.

Lifestyles today are dramatically different to even a few years ago. Fast-paced and often highly demanding, they bring with them a wealth of both physical and emotional wellbeing issues; anxiety, sleep disruption, insufficient nutrition, environmental exposure and premature ageing to name a few. Your hair and scalp are hypersensitive to anything occurring in your body’s internal and external environments, meaning imbalances impact your hair’s condition and appearance just as they would many other aspects of your physiology.

Traditional haircare formulas have proven themselves ill equipped to deal with the scale and nature of concerns facing this new generation of haircare consumer. For this reason, we turn to trichology to help us create alternative solutions, understand the very latest and most effective ingredients for each specific hair concern, and provide pertinent advice on techniques, dietary changes and lifestyle practices that will help you take control of the conditions you face and restore your hair to its natural best.

Our aim is for all women to enjoy healthy hair for life. By demonstrating how you can care for your hair and its unique nature with tailored formulas and specialist advice, we hope for each and every one of you to achieve just this.

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