Beneath the surface – you and your Dosha

Beneath the surface – you and your Dosha

Beneath the surface – you and your Dosha

Vata, Pitta and Kapha. The Ayurvedic Doshas; our body’s natural state of equilibrium, made up of elements that influence physiology, physical health, emotional character and even skin and hair health.

Brand Origins

Our ‘What is Ayurveda?’ article notes that we each embody all three Doshas; though how each is apportioned is wholly unique to us - one will prove more dominant, with the other two representing differing secondary influences.

We’re proud that this ancient wisdom underpins our brand, though our focus remains solely on your hair Dosha and, with this, the condition and long-term health of your hair. This article takes a broad look at the wider Dosha concept, exploring each of the characteristics and their meaning for you, your health, your lifestyle and your hair.

Vata | Dominated by Air and Ether

Tall, slender, lively and agile… Vata types really are the women (and men) of the moment. Creative, imaginative, excitable and fun, they are scintillating conversationalists who are quick to think, learn and act… though their unrelenting appetite for new experiences often, unfortunately, leads to overexertion.

Naomi is Vata

More than this mere set of characteristics however, the Vata Dosha also represents the origin of energy, therefore controlling circulation, breathing, digestion, organ function and nervous system.

In balance, Vata types can comfortably maintain their energy and enthusiasm, basking in warmer climes that appease their cold hands and feet. Their dominance by air however, makes holding on to warmth and the associated moisture a challenge…

Out of balance, Vata types display a heightened response to any form of stress. Whether environmental or lifestyle, the pressures add up… worries increase, sleep proves difficult, digestion falters and weight can drop – all of which greatly affect the health of skin and hair, leaving Vata’s drier and curlier hair texture delicate, lacklustre and stubborn to style.

Ayurveda subscribes to the principle of opposites to regain balance. As Vata’s primary characters are cold, dry, light and movement, anything that is warm, moist, heavy and steady helps restore harmony. A regular eating, working and sleeping routine, layering clothing, taking a bath, keeping exercise moderate and even indulging in a massage… this gentler approach successfully counters the natural tendency to let your Dosha get carried away.

For your hair, choose richly nourishing formulas like our Vata hydrating shampoo and conditioner to revive softness, shine and condition, while the bespoke blend of essential oils calms heightened spirits. If you’re unsure whether you’re a Vata hair type, take our hair quiz.

Pitta | Dominated by fire

Though they may be average in height, Pitta types are anything but ordinary. Well-built and strong, these are fearless females (and males) – focussed, confident and entrepreneurial. They embrace life’s challenges with both passion and a competitive spirit and hence make great leaders.

Jolina is Pitta

The Pitta Dosha governs metabolism. Along with a dominance by fire, this type consumes energy, causing those of this type to easily overheat and tire.

In balance, Pitta types are positive, intelligent, efficient and make good decisions. Out of balance, they are quite the reverse; pessimistic, irritated, lazy and showing addictive tendencies. The resulting loss of energy makes their usually warm, fair and soft skin dry and inflamed, while their fine-textured hair feels depleted; possibly even suffering thinning or hair loss.

As with all Dosha imbalances, moderate and opposing behaviours are required. Pitta types must keep their cool, metaphorically and literally. Start each day with a little meditation, get outdoors, exercise moderately and don’t be tempted to overwork.

Nourishment is important for Pitta types, helping enhance strength and resilience. This is equally applicable for the Pitta hair Dosha, which is why Pitta volumising shampoo and conditioner are precisely formulated to gently cleanse and weightlessly condition fine and thinning hair, restoring long-lasting strength, volume and shine. Unsure if your hair Dosha type is Pitta? Take our hair quiz.

Kapha | Dominated by earth and water

Compared to Pitta and Vata, Kapha types are, quite possibly, the most composed of our three Doshas. Heavier in build and physically strong, they may adopt a slower pace of life, though their energy levels are steady and enduring. Calm, compassionate and deliberate in their thinking, good health abounds in Kapha types – as demonstrated by their soft, oily and lustrous skin and hair.

Lucy is Kapha

Dominated by earth and water, the Kapha Dosha governs growth – of our bones, muscles and any other dense components in our physiology. The influence of two different elements however creates inherent imbalance.

In balance, Kapha types are hardworking and stable, their strength, stamina and patience making them infallible to friends, family and colleagues. They also enjoy high times, wholly appreciating culture through art, dance and music.

The temptation for Kaphas to sleep a little longer and enjoy just too much unhealthy living takes this Dosha out of balance. Urban pollution and humidity also play their role. Lethargy increases, digestion slows and respiratory issues arise – all of which are reflected in the texture and condition of skin and hair. Once well-behaved hair now feels excessively oily at the roots, yet coarse and unruly at the ends.

Ayurveda recommends that Kapha types remain active, warm and dry. Stimulating both body and mind through vigorous daily exercise, getting outdoors and actively seeking new and ultimately life-enhancing experiences will restore perfect poise.

For the Kapha hair Dosha, opt for harmonising formulas like our Kapha balancing shampoo and conditioner to restore weightless, balanced condition from root to tip, reviving lustre and control once more. Take our short hair quiz to determine whether your hair Dosha is Kapha.

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